Why Join Osceola Business Partners?

The Answer Is Simple...LEADS!

This is the main purpose behind a Leads Group.


  • Use this great business tool to get to know other businesses and let them get to know you.


  • Each business member is looking for new customers for YOU!


  • Each lead passed to you can mean more business (and money) coming in your business.


  • The group also gets involved with community events that are not only fun, but it's more ways to get your business name in front of large groups of people.


  • Monthly Business After Hours is a BIG get TOGETHER where all Leads Groups meet at a different business location once per month - this is a really big event for everyone and allows you to network with business owners and representatives from all Leads Groups!
osceola business partners



Fran Sherry will be giving our ten minute presentation on 06/21 at 12pm at the St. Cloud Chamber building.


06/28 - Wealth Preservation Associates.


07/05 - Kisselback Ford


07/12 - Budget Services